The Process

Hypnosis – Reveal, Resolve, Restore

Most people experience light hypnotic states of consciousness everyday – like the time between sleeping and waking, or daydreaming, or even while driving on a freeway, in an absent sort of way, unaware of missing the intended exit.  During a deeper hypnotic state, a state of focused relaxation, physical and mental tension take a break.  It may feel like a melting feeling, or a light floating feeling initially, or none of those, but using the imagination is key to deepening the relaxation to begin the process.

In the hypnotic trance state, where brain activity can be measured as a different frequency than during waking or sleeping, one’s normal chit-chat, linear and critical thinking takes a back seat.  The sub-conscious mind can communicate directly with the hypnotherapist.  The sub-conscious mind is the power center of imagination, emotions, sense perception, memories, motivation, automatic bodily functions, to name a few!  In a setting of trust and rapport, a session will unfold, sometimes in a dreamscape fashion, to reveal, resolve and restore.

Typically, up to three sessions are recommended for a theme, though not always necessary.  Having a few sessions allows a subject to become increasingly comfortable and familiar with the process – and that in turn allows for deeper results.  Subjects are encouraged to reinforce and continue the process with self-hypnosis.

No matter what the original reason is for seeking hypnotherapy, the results can be experienced along with greater vitality, energy, general well-being and freedom.  A deeper connection to ourselves is inevitable, further enriching our experience of life.

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