Why Hypnosis?

What is bothering you most right now?

Hypnosis is a method of adjusting or transforming emotional responses which are at the heart of our actions and motivations.  It is a tool for turning around actions and feelings which a person finds to be negative in his or her life, and amplifying positive ones. It is also a tool for tapping into the mind-body connection.

Most people are familiar with the idea of using hypnosis as a tool for changing habits such as stopping smoking, biting fingernails and overcoming fears like fear of public speaking or spiders. It is also commonly known for improving sleep, memory, study skills and general well-being.  But it can be helpful for much more e.g. grinding teeth at night, anxiety and preparation before surgery, assisting one’s own ability to heal (think placebo effect), pain management and as a super power nap for a quick, deep recharge.

Sometimes the process is experienced as gradual change and sometimes it happens quickly. Sometimes a previous negative habit is changed so deeply that a person only vaguely remembers having motivation for that particular issue – they just don’t think about it anymore. It can be a wonderful tool for someone with difficult obstacles in their life or simply to intensify something already in good shape e.g. athletic performance.

Self-hypnosis is a tool a person can use for themselves for deep relaxation, or to continue a specific process of change, or as an ongoing practice to tap in deeper to his or her self. Without expecting it or needing it, life can become more technicolor, more authentic, just more.

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