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Hypnosis in Marin County and the San Francisco Bay Area

You have arrived at Zone Hypnotherapy, a site describing the hypnotherapy services offered by Renu Malhotra MA CCHt in Marin County and the wider San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California.

While the topics in a person’s life that can benefit from hypnosis are wide-ranging, a common thread is the idea of “Tuning into You” for clarity and integration. Most people can relate to improving radio or cell phone reception with a small shift in position. Similarly, a person can experience greater clarity with a shift in perception. As a person becomes more and more comfortable with the super relaxing trance state, going deeper and going higher, knowing themselves better, profound changes can take place, helping a subject move forward through his or her particular bumps in the road of life.

Renu’s background is in Engineering, most recently in the world of Motorsports. The name “Zone Hypnotherapy” was inspired by the state of a race car driver operating at his or her best: being “in the zone”.  The senses are receiving and interpreting information and the body is responding, faster than there is time to actively think about it.  It happens with a relaxed mental state, perception is heightened – and it feels awesome.

Please explore this site further for examples and to learn more about the process of hypnosis.

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